About Us

Company Profile


"Plan carefully",

"Do it with sincerity", and

"Always trying to give more" is a spirit that we always sharpen together in serving customers and building team work within Limko Indonesia.


Vision and Mission

Vision: To be an ICT (Information-Communication-Technology) company that provides complete and best solutions.


Mission: Provide the best solutions in the field of ICT (Information-Communication-Technology) in a clear and easy to understand way.

Our motto: Make IT Easy



Starting from two simple wordpress blogs, we strive to provide the best telecommunications solutions for all groups throughout the archipelago. From the beginning we wanted to present solutions in a way that was simple and easily understood by all groups. In this way, we want to serve transparently (no hidden costs) and measureable. In this case we also always try to transfer knowledge to our customers so that they can manage and carry out maintenance independently at a certain level.

In November 2000, as time went on, customer demand was increasingly diverse, we decided to expand our product range with a range of IP base products and electronic office equipment. Still with the spirit of always wanting to give more, we try to present products more informally through our new website www.limko-indonesia.com. February 1, 2012, to better serve you, we are officially incorporated by the name of PT. Lintas Media Protama.


Why choose Limko Indonesia?

  1. Limko Indonesia always provides clear and complete information. Limko Indonesia website always presents information as complete as possible related to the specifications and completeness of the product. In addition, we also provide instant messaging services through Yahoo Messenger and online chat available on our website. So, you can freely consult about the product solutions you need.
  2. Competitive and affordable prices (reasonable). Limko Indonesia always gives the best price for you, according to the type and number of products you buy. Even though we display prices on the website, you can still bargain with our sales team.
  3. The choice of payment method is quite complete:
    1. Cash
    2. Bank Transfer: BCA, Mandiri, BII
    3. Payment using the EDC machine that serves the use of BCA / Mandiri Debit cards and MASTER / VISA credit cards
  4. The choice of various product shipping services. We will adjust shipping costs with your chosen courier service. Even so, we also help you provide a link to check the estimated shipping costs using TIKI JNE and TIKI online available on our website. For city shipments (JAKARTA), you get a free delivery service.
  5. Solution oriented. Not infrequently we spend time serving customers who consult about the solutions they want, without a purchase transaction. Our focus is solutions for customers. Do not let the customer buy the product wrong because they get the wrong information based on the specifications given by "other stores". We will be happy to provide different product specifications if that is a better solution for customers.
  6. All hardware products (hardware) that we sell are guaranteed 1 year. Some of them also have a warranty of 2 years, except for a few products that are complementary such as adapters and so on that we will inform when you make a purchase. We also guarantee installation services and provide documentation as much as possible. For the Jakarta area we can provide installation guarantees up to 1 year / 6 visits in accordance with the negotiations at the time of purchase. We also provide service contract services for several products.
  7. Our sales team and our technical team are experienced personnel who are regularly trained both internally and externally along with the principal (producer) of the products we sell.
  8. All buying and selling transactions at Indonesian limko are always preceded by quotations, except transactions that occur offline.

Brands & Products

  1. Panasonic: PABX, Key Telpon, IP PBX, IP Phone, CCTV, Interactive Board, Copyboard, Single Line Phone, Multi Function Printer, dan Projector
  2. Yeastar: IP PBX and Voip Gateway
  3. Yealink: IP Phone, Video Phone,Voice Conference, Video Conference
  4. Polycom: Voice Conference, Video Conference, Ip Phone, Video Phone
  5. Artech: Voice Recording
  6. Zibosoft: Voice Recording
  7. Bosch: Room Conference System.
  8. TOA: Room Conference System, Wireless Meeting Amplifier
  9. Grandstream: IP PBX, Voip Gateway, Ip Phone, Video Phone, Ip Camera
  10. Suprema: Fingerprint
  11. eBeam: Interactive Presentation
  12. OnFinity: Interactive Presentation
  13. Vidyo: Video Conference
  14. Yosin: IVR, Voice Mail.
  15. Plus: Copyboard.
  16. Alcon: Long Range Cordless Phone.
  17. Alcatel: Conference Phone, SIP Phone
  18. Fanvil: IP Phone, Paging System, Door Phone, VoIP Gateway
  19. Samsung: Touchscreen TV, Video Wall, WhiteBoard
  20. Ruijie-Reyee: Router